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laws are just as stupidly absurd as the lawmakers that did them. in a twist to the ongoing debate against the reproductive health bill being deliberated in congress, village officials of Ayala Alabang, a soshyal barangay in Muntinlupa, passed their own ordinance requiring the issuance of a prescription to buy condoms.

i knew it, too much use of botox can cause brain damage. botox, a toxin used to paralyze muscles is often used by some sosi residents of Ayala Alabang. surprisingly, they can do an out patient procedure to do this without a written prescription from a physician whereas they need a prescription for condoms.

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Ayala Alabang requires prescription for condoms
By Jojo Malig,
Posted at 02/24/2011 6:45 PM | Updated as of 02/24/2011 7:31 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Barangay Ayala Alabang in Muntinlupa City is now requiring people who buy condoms to present a doctor’s prescription.

In a barangay ordinance last January 3, village officials said condoms and other contraceptives cause abortions.

The ordinance also bars teachers, reproductive health advocates, and social workers from holding sex education activities in the barangay without prior consultation with parents of students.

Local officials also banned advertisement of all forms of contraceptives in the village.

Those who approved the ordinance were barangay chairman Alfred Xerez-Burgos, Jr.; kagawads Joanna Caluglug, Alice Bacani, Maria Carmen Reyes, Ma. Soledad Tugade, Mariano Manas Jr., Apolinario delos Santos III, Giancarlo Nazario; and Sangguniang Kabataan chairman Juan Enrico Parfan.

They said “contraceptive pills, hormonal contraceptives, and the IUD may kill children and injure the health of women who use them.”

Village officials also believe that contraceptives “undermine the solidarity of families by promoting premarital sex, giving rise to more fatherless children, more single mothers, more poverty, and more abortions.”

The resolution also claims that condoms are “unconstitutional” because “they promote and sanction immoral sexual congresses among the unmarried and especially among the young, thereby contradicting the Constitutional injunction that the State ‘shall promote and protect … the physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual and social well-being of the youth.”

Aside from asking people to present a prescription before they are allowed to buy condoms in Ayala Alabang, pharmacists are required by the ordinance to record the following data in a book for “abortives and anti-conceptionals":

- Number and date of the prescription;
- Name and address of the physician;
- Name, quantity and manufacturer of the drug;
- Name and address of the purchaser;
- Date of filling the prescription; and
- Signature of the pharmacist filling the prescription.

Those who will violate the ordinance can be fined up to P500 or jailed for up to 4 months.

Village officials said foreigners who will violate the measure should also be deported.

Muntinlupa City officials have yet to comment on the ordinance.

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well, i'm guessing willie revillame won't be buying his stock of condoms in shelani country soon.

better yet, they could have passed an ordinance requiring a prescription to buy cigarettes, or beer, or anything alcoholic. oh wait, then the "soshyal" residents of ayala alabang would have to transfer residence.

while we're on this topic, what sort of doctor should we consult to get a prescription? a sex therapist? a family med practitioner? margarita holmes? would any physician even issue out a prescription for condoms?

perhaps it is okay for a "soshyal" barangay to promote such an ordinance but it goes to show how detached they are from the reality of a growing poor population that doesn't have access to proper reproductive health education. the ordinance bans the dissemination of sex education in their barangay though i hardly think that ayala alabang residents would go to the barangay for this. everything they wanted to learn about sex education they can watch in discovery channel, that or the dvd stash that their parents keep in the upper shelves of the cabinets.

i'd love to see an ordinance from the same group requiring a medical prescription to use botox. with the number of botox dependents in ayala alabang, this would certainly cause more ruckus within their ranks.

smart ayala alabang residents should stage their own version of people power and oust these idiotic village leaders.


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