2,500 Visits in One Day


that's a lot of visitors to a blog site, on average i get about 100+ page views a day but i sort of realized that these are people doing some random search about cebu, travel, food and sex. okay, probably not sex. sure perked your attention huh?

in any case, i was an invited speaker to an event yesterday and one of my co-speakers mentioned during his talk about pursuing one's passion. his happened to be blogging and he said that his site usually gets 2,500 site hits on a daily basis.

that got my ears popping and i couldn't wait until he was seated so i can ask about his website. i was trying to figure out what sort of blog topics he talked about to get that much web traffic. on top of that, he added that he usually got sponsors and he gets paid by companies to say something about their product. he was even contemplating to resign from his current post so he can pursue this passion. sigh. green with envy.

personally, i don't like the idea of getting paid to talk about someone else's product, but that's a legitimate way to make money out of a blog and i couldn't be judgmental.

nevertheless, my interest was still piqued and i started ticking off what possible topics he covered: fashion (hmmm he's NOT that fashionable), celebrity gossip (possibly yes, he was the talkative one), drugs and delusion (naaah, he didn't seem like the goth angst ridden type), travel (with his current work, i seriously doubt if he can do a lot of traveling), food (another big possibility, he looked like he loved food. uhmm, you probably know what i mean), cosplay? (yes, he can pass as an ONI but that hardly qualifies him to write about anime), humor site? photography and all its variations? aside from pornography or a dating-match-up theme, i can't seem to think of any other topic that can generate that kind of traffic.

guess what was his blog topic?

beauty pageants.


now it ALL made sense.


AJ said…
Hahaha you killed me with the suspense! Susmariosep beauty pageant lang pala amfota! Haha! Now I know why my blog doesn't stand a chance in generating hits. :D
Cacho said…
nako aj, sinabi mo. i literally had to freeze my expectant expression before it turned into a sour frown when he mentioned "beauty pageants". amfowtahhg juice eto. ha ha ha

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