Salo Salo

Good Friends and my new lamonInc friends in Cebu - Phil and RJ

"salo salo" is a filipino expression that celebrates "togetherness" in just about anything. most of the time, the term salo-salo refers to sharing a meal usually in a fiesta environment.

Bibimjap Rice - Korean Style With Kimchi and Egg in a hot stonebowl. Good for three peeps

Buttered Scallops with Salt and Pepper

this concept is not alien in other cultures. take for example the muslim custom of sharing a biryani (something similar to paella) among family and friends where the dish is set in the middle of the table and you take portions from a pile. gogi gui is popular in korean culinary culture where diners gather around a table to grill various meats and eat it with kimchi or seasoned with spices and wrapped in vegetables.

Angus Beef - Marinated and sliced thinly

Condiments - am not sure what the green thing is.

last sunday i got invited by friends to join them for a meal and we ended up in a japanese yakiniku place.

the set up is similar to the korean gogi gui where you have a griller set in the middle of the table and you get to choose various meats from an eat-all-you can selection. you also have the option of going ala carte and have a single order served.

flipping meats :)

a plate of beef - phil's fave!

the ritual of cooking your meats and setting it aside for everyone to share is very reminiscent of the pinoy salo-salo where you serve each other from a feast set in the middle of the group. but that's just half the fun. cooking for your friends and enjoying a conversation in the middle of waiting for a fresh batch makes the experience much more intimate and personal.

and for those that worry you might end up smelling like a smoked salmon, the set up usually has a vacuum / blower set right on top of the griller to suck up all the smoke.

Japanese Yakiniku Place

do check out Waka Matsu in Mabolo, Cebu City near Castle Peak and get to enjoy a complete yakiniku experience with friends.

eating out with friends remind me of my old group in manila, the lamonInc, a meal is never that simple as it usually extends hours and hours because of all the chit chat in between bites. in cebu, i have new lamonInc friends but RJ and Phil are probably my fave because of their love for food. good food. hmmm hmmmm yum!

Flipping Meats, notice how the smoke gets sucked up by the tube? you don't have to smell like smoked salmon!

Marinated Chicken, Scallops, Beef and Angus all lined up. Most of it went to Phil's bowl he he he

A close up of all the meaty mighty goodness... can't wait to dip it in my own concoction yum yum


claudia said…
whoa, that was a LOT of meat :) but it comes with the territory i guess, grilling veggies would not be so yum :)
Cacho said…
hi claudia, thanks for dropping by :) actually, the menu had a lot of vege available, except that we were on a carnivorous binge he he he. the korean version usually serve fresh vege on the side to wrap the meats. do visit more often :)
reanaclaire said…
wow.. looks like a great gathering and barbecue...
Cacho said…
hi claire, let's just say that phil and rj were busy chewing and eating as i piled their plates with lotsa barbecue :)
It is a special case..

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