Soshyal Meryenda

unlimited refill of a limited selection of kakanin at the radisson blu

what's more soshyal than eating masi (sticky rice stuffed with candied peanut sauce), cassava cake, minatamis na saging at kamote, lecheng flan, corn pudding and an unlimited supply of sikwate? (natib tsokolate made from cacao)

aba, e di eat it in the lobby of radisson blu.

perfectly done lecheng flan, no bubbles, creamy and not so sweet

i wanted to order the mango shake, but at Php 200++, the value for money didn't compare with the afternoon pinoy high tea set worth Php 300+ with unlimited supply of sikwate.

this has got to be the best seller for me, though i had double vision after sipping three cups of this beverage

just in case you're thinking i make it a habit to order overly expensive kakanin, i was in radisson blu waiting for my boss to arrive for our meeting. ugh. don't tell him i had it charged to his room. just kidding!

masi, famous from liloan

which reminds me, rb is having the chinese high tea for chinese new year for the same price, i think it starts this February 3 and runs until the 6th. a limited array of dimsum for your leisurely consumption and unlimited jasmine tea.

candied banana and camote

speaking of high tea, the concept is very british although it is suspiciously the same as the pinoy merienda. except that pinoys have midmorning merienda, midafternoon, early evening and even midnight merienda.

i had my first high tea experience when i was in colombo, sri lanka where i stayed in the centuries old galle face hotel. they served dainty sandwiches, sconces, meats, curry puffs, and pastries arranged in a stacked tray and a pot of english tea. considering that sri lanka is the home of CEYLON tea, the beverage has this nasty habit of upstaging the food. simply delicious tea.

when i visited valentina in kuala lumpur, she took me to this swanky five star hotel and we spent hours over high tea catching up like we only saw each other the previous day versus the five plus or so years that passed. this was when facebook was just a thought and friendster was THE social network. ugh, shows how old i am. i mean, friendster?!? what's next, ICQ? don't even bother asking me what does that means.

in any case, i heard that laguna garden cafe in Ayala Terraces Cebu offers the local version of the pinoy high tea although i haven't sampled the spread. with pandan tea as the beverage, and the reported adobo sandwich as part of the set, i should really schedule it in my busy soshyal calendar. (libre naman mangarap di ba?)

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Anonymous said…
ooooohhhhh sikwate! i totally miss this concoction as we normally don't get it here all the way from Canada :( unless we go to a filipino store and it's so bloody expensive. For 300 pesos that's a steal complete with snacks yeah?!
Kiddie said…
Hello :)

Good Day!

We are MASI fanatics (me and my workmates) to the point that our day isn't complete without MASI. Our office concessionaire recently got changed and now we don't have access to our favorite Liloan Masi anymore. I tried to google where and/or how exactly Masi is made when I saw your blog about it! It was fun seeing Masi presented in a very sosyhal like light :)


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