The Villar Conspiracy

no one can dispute the fact that the erap jokes helped vote a man to the presidential office by virtue of his name being passed around via text, email and get together. fewer people know that it was alegedly the brainchild of an ateneo group to generate below the line viral marketing for a man with few accomplishments but cut a full figure in the celluloid screen.

today, i can't help but liken the series of text messages circulating about villar being the REAL administration candidate as possibly a ploy of villar's group to get his name in every mobile phone.

the conspiracy theory further speculates that gibo really is just a decoy to split the aquino vote. at the end of the day, what does he have to lose? if the theory is correct, he is assured of a government position in villar's cabinet.

then another email circulating about the villar mansion that was reportedly sent around by noynoy supporters and eventually proven to be a hoax.

do i believe that noynoy supporters are that dumb not to figure out that a quick check with will reveal this to be a hoax? nope.

the way it was circulated in various e-groups and sent to newsrooms and the speed by which it was uncovered as a hoax smell like a group that is trying to make it appear that noynoy's group is resorting to dirty tactics. but what if it was villar's own group who actually did this?

just as fast, noynoy supporters went online to deny that they sent the email. in terms of strategy, they were made to go on the defensive and is spending time defending noynoy camp rather than focus on keeping a grip on the narrow lead over villar.

filipinos love underdogs, specially ones that came from poverty and stood up versus the rich elitist. if anything, villar's campaign strategist know how to use this to their advantage.

i am just a middle class worker with a lot of questions. just what if?


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