Personal Presidential Priorities

Dennis Ponce Tagamolila had the option to meet Mar Roxas today or get together with a friend who needed a good talk. my friend won - FACEBOOK STATUS

then someone posted a note whether it means that i am not voting for mar.

the question is not whether i am voting for a vice president.

the question is a choice between meeting a super-duper-popular candidate to exchange pleasantries or to meet a friend who needed the company and a sympathetic ear. i seriously doubt it if mar will even remember me, but i know that i will make a difference in a friend's life today.

instead of saying who i am favoring this election, i definitely know WHO NOT TO VOTE FOR. The choice has come down to two teams. erap is not part of my list.


Erich Jao said…
nice to talk and feel important with a politician; far better though to be with a friend who needs you more. not that i'd ever been in such a case but isn't the whole foundation of friendship captured by what you did?

Cacho said…
thank you for the visit bro! in any case, i absolutely agree with you. our sort of friendship is not the noodle type, you know, instant. it's more like bulalo that you have to cook for hours and hours as it gets better and better. that or a fruitcake, the longer it stays, it gets nuttier and nuttier. :) you're one of those that i consider my dearest friend!

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