A Mexican Affair

how do you fit laughter, somber discussions about mortality, infidelity, sex, crushes, presidentiables, new friends, diabetes inducing dessert, celebrity chismis, good food, medical ethics, a facial (leah - uhm, i think you know what i mean here) old friends, intelligent conversation, murder, conspiracy theories and cheesy valentine lines in four hours?

the ONLY bad thing about excellent company is that it makes the food look bad. i have to say it, MAYA is not the BEST mexican restaurant in town buuuuut we all agreed. we love the interiors.

okay, okay, at least this is one place where they do their burritos and chimichanga right, the mexican way - stuffed flour tortillas and not the savory french crepe style. i mean, the chimichanga was stuffed with enough refried beans to cause a minor nuclear explosion. oh wait, i should have said bio-warfare.

jenny ordered the crispy tortilla with guacamole - a chunky, (not so) spicy avocado dip that i believe will resemble judet's face color when she sees the pictures. ooohhh... judet aka the hulk, green with envy. and judet, just in case you're reading this, you can not use the excuse that the spoiled banana cake you had last sunday caused you to miss this dinner with friends!

leah planned to share the burrito with jenny, at about PHp 415 an order, i was ready to think it has to be extra special to be that expensive. if size matters, then the burrito is every woman's fantasy: a gumbo jumbo burrito was served stuffed with meats, rice, beans, cheese and a half dozen spices that i can barely spell.

don't think this is your ORDINARY burrito that you can comfortably stuff in your mouth. think lock-jaw inducing thick burrito-forearm size-definitely not hayden kho monster.

personally, i wouldn't have ordered the quesadilla though. enough with the tortilla and cheese already.

ron and i decided to split the baby back ribs and chimichanga order so we can sample more variety.

soft, falling off the bone, salt and pepper and spiced just right, the baby back ribs would have been perfect if they actually served it with LIME (as the menu said) and not kalamansi. heller, the subtle acidic aftertaste of lime is a perfect counterpoint to salt and pepper. kalamansi is just too sour.

deep fried, layered with cheese and smothered in (again, surprisingly NOT SO HOT) chili sauce and sour cream, the chimichanga is an easy favorite with the group. well, i got one half and they shared the rest - then again, i wasn't really into burritos so it's an even share he he he.

i think the only dish that didn't get that much attention is the fish fillet with tomato salsa that kay got. it would have been interesting to stuff it in the soft tortilla that came with the dish. on the other hand, everyone's already stuffed with the refried beans and rice.

overall, i'd say 3/5 stars for food quality, 4/5 for ambiance (just because i hated the dum-du-dum-dum music that drowned out the conversation), 3/5 for price. Would i go back to the place again? yup. this time around i'm going to bring along a full battery load for my camera so i can take more pictures!

my lovely friends: doc leah, doc jenny, kay. wala si judet. WALA. nada. absent. green with envy now. don't worry, we'll do a return of the comeback to this place dearie.

to leah - dear, good luck with your talk about "a facial". derma ka na pala ngayon. hmmm.

Maya Restaurant in Crossroads, Cebu City.


Anonymous said…
Wonderful pictures! I think your feedback was right on. And I totally agree that the company was the best! But ga, di ako duktor ha...hehehe. On to my "a facial" thing, hahaha. See ya!
Anonymous said…
i am confused by your review and i have been thinking of going to maya for a while. actually my GF and i have been saving for it because it looks really expensive!!!

you said it not the best mexican in town..ok..but if not why dont you say whats wrong with it.

from your review the only thing wrong with maya was they served a lime instead of a calamansi and the fish filet didnt get much attention.

i really do love mexican food and if its not the best what is? would you recommend other mexican restaurants in cebu.

you write great.

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