Doctor Doctor...

"wow it's so nice to have doctor friends at least i have someone i can visit just in case..."

that was sherry speaking. except that "just in case" might not exactly what you want. you see, i was having dinner with a group of friends and a lot of them are doctors and a friend happened to pass by to say hi. courtesy require that the necessary introductions must be made and sherry (let's use a fictional name), the bubbly lady that she is, warmed up to the group and eventually sat down with us for some chit chat.

eventually the conversation turned morbid (the usual case when doctors get together) that anyone bordering on being a hypochondriac will soon imagine themselves to be sick of every single disease known to man. you won't believe how doctors become giddy with glee when they talk about their favorite disease. actually, that depends on the specialization of the doctor. but that's getting ahead of the story.

sherry stood up and said her goodbye to everyone and enthusiastically mentioned that it is nice to have doctor friends and with that she turned away and left the group.

"what's with the funny smile?"

i didn't realize i was smirking and by that time, three doctor friends were looking at me, expecting something witty and smart. okay, make that sarcastic and dry.

"do you realize that if ever she visits remy there's a probability that he's going to have to cut her up? and yes, if she consults with mona she better be ready to talk about stones, not the ones that glitter but ones that clog up her kidney?"

then turning towards mick i uttered :

"if she ever goes to you she better make sure she has made her peace with the world."

dead (pun) silence before we started laughing. the irony of it all, remy is a surgeon, mona a nephrologist and mick an oncologist.

doctors are nice to have as friends, except that you don't want to visit them professionally.


never had friends who are doctors but the wife is a banker and when her friends get together, they start a discussion that leaves me feeling worn out.

maybe if i got doctor friends, i'll feel very cured, or ill.

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