Blogging is a Pain

the problem with facebook is that it is so easy to post pics, add a bit of comment here and there and voila, instant post in a million other facebook profiles. compare that with a well thought blog post where some planning is required and thoughts are more than just the color of your brasserie (yes, it became a facebook senstation) and or witty one-liner.

that aside, blogs are more personal. you really don't plan to write a post with the hope of the horde browsing through your site. i do it because i want to capture a moment in my life. a friend of mine said (ironically, a post in facebook) that my blog talks about "family, friends..old friends...good times...favorite shows..songs..books..making memories..... laughter..God ..Love and..FOOD!"

at times i'm morose, pensive, introspective, gloomy. more often, i am happy, sarcastic, funny, politically incorrect. human, that's what my blog is all about, being human.



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