Publicity Gimik

i'm mad. i haven't gotten the text message about villar who is actually the real boy toy of gloria. that and another text message that claimed dolphy was bribed to support manny.

not that i'm mad because i didn't get to read the message, it's more like pissed that whatever political machinery is at work perceive me as not worth spending two pesos worth of text.

remember the erap jokes? the ones that was eventually revealed to be the brainchild of a group from ateneo who arguably got erap elected by virtue of the "stupid" erap jokes? with the rabid desire of filipinos for anything funny, the messages got sent, resent ad infinitum. erap is still banking on that in every forum he goes to. except that he hasn't realized people are laughing AT him not, WITH him.

in any case, the unusual spitefulness of the "manny text messages" can either be the brainchild of jamby jambelina or a slick political strategy of manny's team to get his name in every filipino's mobile phone.

people seem to be forgetting, manny is painting himself as the "poor" underdog and every text message sent that vilifies him only makes the basura swimming population remember him.

i don't think noynoy's camp is responsible for this. if anything, i don't think he'd resort to mudslinging. that doesn't really go well with the values imparted to him by his VERY dead parents. nope.

mar? probably yes. he has a penchant for name calling that's very true to his mr. palengke image. then again, i am sure if he ever decided to do the text brigade, he'd rather spend it on sending messages about looney loren. not that he needs to, he has a VERY comfortable lead versus his competitors. (much to the delight of korina!)

jamby? she's still busy battling her family for the much needed money for her campaign. nah.

gloria? probably. if she's actually rooting for manny then she can actually fund this gimik.

manny? he's off to the US preparing for his match with Clottey. Err, wrong manny.

dolphy? i think it's the other way around, he paid manny to get his name out there. his career is deader than a dead toenail and he needs every bit of publicity.

whatever the situation, someone started this move and it would be to manny's advantage to finish this. i wouldn't be surprised if manny is going to lead the next poll survey.

we seem to forget, there's no such thing as bad publicity. if you doubt this line, look up the definition of "publicity".


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