Lunch Pics

grilled liempo - ila puti - it's a bit pricey and the meat is not that well marinated. the sauce is also a little bit off as they used coconut milk and vinegar infused with a bit of chili. it tasted more like a kinilaw dish instead. ron complained that he could have ordered five orders of the sinugba nga liempo ni manang flavored with plain salt and pepper and it would have come out cheaper and tastier. i agree.

saigon adobo - ila puti - two things, MORE sauce would have been nice and get rid of the sweet vinegar sauce. the hibi (dried small shrimp) is a novel idea and lent a salty bite to the dish. if you are prone to allergies caused by dried seafood then i suggest you avoid this dish. i sort of felt itchy after having the dish


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