counting calories

frustration is a bad thing. in this case, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

i was craving for this particular lasagna in bleep bleep (you'll understand why i can't name the resto in a bit) and decided to drop by the resto with santa's helpers after a rather drawn out meeting with our client.

too bad, the lady told me they were out of stock, too bad that was my second attempt to drive all the way to that place just for that. it's that popular and the friggin funny thing is that it is supposed to be a COFFEE shop. well, if you know me well enough you'd understand that i'm not a coffee person. so there, i'm not going to promote the COFFEE shop just because it increases the probability they'd run out of the lasagna, again!

santa's assitants, sweeter than the sweets?!?!

we ended up in Fudge along A.S. Fortuna as Santa's assistants were craving for the cheesecake delight, apparently they loved the smooth combination of cheesecake and chocolate the last time i brought one back to the office. 
cheesecake delight, it wasn't so sweet which was just perfect!

i was thinking of getting more of the gigantor french macaroons that mae liked the last time we dropped by the place. an unsolicited tip, don't get the strawberry macaroons, it left an artificial aftertaste on my tongue.

biggie french macaroons!

that aside, my eyes got drawn to the chocolate fudge concoction that was just begging to be served. i mean, you have fudge in the name of the dessert in a place called Fudge, it must be that special. Uh, I was expecting it to be fudgy, or in the local term, bus-ok. in short, i was expecting it to be rather compact like a brownie fudge bar not fluffy like a teddy bear, uh, mousse. 
fudge chocolate

i was mentally counting the calorific equivalent of each mouthful and thought to myself that every bite of the sinful repast went straight to my tambok and bilbil. sigh, i just have to bear the scolding of my trainer.

overall, i would give it a Price (5), Portion (7), Taste (6) rating or an overall composite of about 5/10 using the sugbuano rating system. In short, nothing spectacular, not particularly impressive compared to the other places that serve better dessert options. drats, i'm probably still grumpy over that lasagna affair!


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