The Sugbuano Rating System

the Cebuano market is very finicky, if you want to see if your dream of pinoy gustatory domination will work then you should try setting up in Cebu City. 

a number of restaurants have set up their operations here only to close down or downscale business due to low patronage. yes, we are still enamored by the usual brand thing and most of us would troop to the newest national/gobal brand that opens shop in the City. 

if you account for the market that actually goes out to eat, that would give you about a year or a year and a half max to sustain your operations. not enough to cover your return of investment. the only way to survive is to adapt and learn the ubiquitous Sugbuano Rating System when it comes to restuarants.

when Cebuanos eat out, the first question that majority asks is "Pila?" (Price?), and if the price is within a certain budget they next ask "Dako?" (Big Portion?) and followed by "Lami?" (Delicious?) which is sadly, the last consideration in the equation.

the Cebuano is willing to spend a lot for food, as long as the perceived equity of the portion is commensurate to the price and if the taste is good then you still have a potential winner. In this case, you will notice that majority of restaurants have resorted to set meals that primarily caters to Pila, Dako and Lami consideration. The other alternative is for restaurants to offer half and full portions to address that all-mighty Pila question.

If you're wondering how to set up a scientific, mathematical, thelogical, social and statistical valid equation for your restaurant's success then use this one: Pila (40%), Dako (35%) and Lami (25%) - i guarantee you will succeed not only in Cebu, but majority of the Philippines as well!


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