Lunch Break

butafa, spareribs in a slightly sweet soy sauce base
so today i went to Joed's Lutong Hapon, nothing unusual except that I've been back to this place around five times in less than three weeks. I've taken a fascination with the Japanese Carinderia concept of affordable prices in moderately sized portions that allows me to order two to three dishes without having to feel like a glutton.
garlic shrimp, buttered, fried and glazed mirin sauce served on top of crispy garlic, this one barely looked like the picture they posted on their website. they used shrimp for this one instead of the prawns in their set.

my goal is to go through their menu and take a picture set for my personal album, didn't realize that a lot of people would be tracking my progress every time i post additional pictures in my facebook set. Just a disclaimer, I WILL NOT BE A REASON FOR YOUR WEIGHT GAIN.
Joed's special Maki, sweet mangoes layered with maki using watermelons and cheese. the sweet flavors curiously complimented the hot burning flavor of the wasabe infused kikkoman dip

With that said, I headed to Joed's earlier and ordered the Butafa (spareribs), Garlic Shrimp and Joed's Special Maki. I've had the maki and butafa in other encounters but i wasn't able to get a picture. i was tempted to order the other dishes but i really wanted to get as many samples in my album.

the watermelons look like raw tuna, even vegetarians would like this  one

hmmm trolling through their facebook page now and making up my new food list in my next visit :) - happy eating!!

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AJ said…
Hey Cacho! Te san-o mo ko i-culinary tour sa Bacolod? Pirme lang food porn, gusto ko tuod-tuod na guid na kan-anay! :)))))

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