Uncle Noodles

what's the best thing to do after a movie? duh, eat.

i was rather ravenous after catching "A Mother's Story", o wag na umangal, e idol ko si pokwang eh. but i digress, back to my rumbling tummy.
Uncle Noodles, One Mango

i had the craving for crunchy crispy chicken isul, otherwise known as the fleshy protrusion at the base of the spine, aka chicken ass, butt and pwet. sunburst is closed late at night and the only other place that served chicken isul is the Orange Brutus branch in Fuente Circle. 

parking, traffic, tourists and all things sinulog forced me to rethink my options and i ended up in Uncle Noodles in One Mango, which might be my second option but definitely turned out to be the better one.

let me swerve a bit and talk about the Peranakan culture, a marriage of chinese and malay influences more commonly found in singapore and malaysia. a prime example of this would be the famous laksa noodle soup that fuses curry coconut soup with rice noodles topped with an assortment of ingredients that may include but is not limited to fish sticks, bean curd, shrimp and infused with the fresh lemony hint of corriander, galangal (imagine a milder version of ginger) and spicy sambal to give it that kick in the gut that could cause you to run to the nearest bathroom, beady sweat running down your forehead.
curry laksa, hmmm hmmm hmmm

going back to the topic, Uncle Noodle opened rather recently and primarily offered the chinese noodle soup staple and a dry version of their noodles that used sambal and flat rice noodles as the base. i can categorically say that the clear chicken stock soup used in the restaurant is the best compared to the other noodle shops in Cebu. i've returned to this place a number of times primarily for the soup base as the toppings used are simple and nothing extraordinary.

except this time, i have another "soupy" reason to come back to Uncle Noodles with the introduction of curry laksa as part of their menu.

i forgive them for using egg noodles, i can understand that corriander may not be readily available or galangal is a pricey ingredient for such a soup, on the other hand, a sip of their coconut curry soup infused wih sambal brought me back memories of when I visited my friend Valentina in Kuala Lumpur and she brought me to this Peranakan restaurant that served me my first taste of Laksa.

You can't hardly refer to the curry laksa in Uncle Noodles the best I've tasted but it serve its purpose in reminding me of that first encouner with laksa. hmmmm, perhaps it is time to book myself a flight to singapore, oh wait, i DO have a booked flight this march :) till then, i just have to satisfy my cravings in Uncle Noodles.

Sometimes, what makes a food appetizing is the memory it evokes, comfort food is our usual term for this but i'd rather quote kung fu panda:

"my secret ingredient to my secret ingredient soup is... nothing."

Happy eating!


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