Deli Delicious

the metro gourmet, basement of metro ayala, ayala center, cebu city

pag sosyal ka, you go to tinder box and order your deli choices, if you're sosyal and you want to look for a less obvious dining destination, you head to "the pantry" in "the gallery" to get your deli selection. if you are makamasa (in short, the proletariat) and still want deli deli, you head to the "metro gourmet" at the basement of Metro Ayala in Ayala Center, Cebu.

me and a couple of proletariat friends waiting for our order, sosyal kami ano. that's anne on the left and karen .
a counter displays cheeses, sausages, hams from the united nations. what most people don't know, you can actually order and have it grilled, pan fried, seared or quickly cooked and have the deli deli with your choice of bread or as the usual pinoys do, like me of course, you have your deli deli with rice.

i had the canadian honeyed ham, perfect amount of fat and just a tinge of sweetness, about 220  grams will cost you about Php 157 with rice.
metro cafe charges you a 20% fee for cooking and you can enjoy your deli deli without having to dress up to the nines just to get your little toe inside the Tinder Box. Oh by the way, Tinder Box and The Pantry also allows you to choose your sausage and they would grill it for you with a siding of your choice, except that their price is about 30% more expensive than what you'd get in metro gourmet.
double dose of spicy hungarian sausage, at Php 44/100 grams a double serving with rice (php 20 / cup) will set you back about Php 150. i personally love the hungarian with cheese but anne wanted the spicier version

metro gourmet also serves other dishes and a rather extensive array of sandwiches that uses their deli deli selection. hmm, thinking of being pa-sosyal again this week... what am i going to get..... hmmmm.

karen ordered the chunky chicken sandwich and the alfredo pasta together with a glass of iced tea, the whole set  cost around Php 300, good value for money.

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