Trolling the Menu List

the main counter, japanese carinderia, plastic tables and seats, affordable prices and great food all around!
i did promise myself that i was going to go through the whole menu of Joed's Lutong Hapon and try to order everything in the list. so far i'm making rather quick progress as i end up going back to the place at least once a week.

i was hoping to have lunch with Amale and Noy as he wanted to try out the place, kids and school got in the way so it was just me and Amale for lunch. that shouldn't be a spoiler for the good food we ordered.
steamed mackerel sushi with ginger and parsley, surprisingly light and fresh!

Amale got the steamed sushi mackerel that looked rather malansa (or fishy, i mean it IS a fish, it looked like it smelled like a fish, wait, i'm getting confused myself, you know what i mean). the dollop of grated ginger on top of each cube was probably added to take away that malansa aftertaste.

surprisingly, it didn't taste malansa at all, amale didn't have to convince me much to get one piece from her set he he he. at least i can tick that off my menu list though i still have to order that again in some other visit for a food porn photoshoot.

beef gyudon, officially my fave dish in Joed's (as of this writing)

i ordered the beef gyudon as Edgar kept on telling me that it is absolutely delicious. i mean, have you ever heard a restaurant owner admit that their dish tasted like some regurgitated food?

then again, i still haven't been disappointed with the place except for the unfortunate incident with the ahi nato donburi (well, it is an acquired taste) so i readily agreed to the suggestion. 
ebi salada maki, creamy, yummy and utterly addictive. perfect appetizer!

guess what? i would have to go back to my promise that i was going through the whole menu of Joed's as it looks like the beef gyudon is going to be a main staple in my visit. hmmmm... 

luscious and soft beef, perfectly marbled with fat, stewed in mirin and soysauce with caramelized onions, just a hint of sugar and topped over fluffy rice. need i say more?

the sushi and maki station in Joed's


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