scarefest - apsylum horror

halloween is a major event in the company i work for. apparently, people look forward to october 31 or hallows eve as they get the chance to be themselves. este, to try on different personalities. apparently, this year they had a fashion show of the most ghoulish outfits and a fashion show of deathly minions. hmmm, gives an entirely different meaning to the term dead-end-career.

i got the permission of ryan araneta to post some of the pics he snapped during the event.

i think this one's influenced by the movie thirteen ghosts. is this a metaphor for a call agent's life? death in a cube or cubicle? boxed-in.

let's see, if looks can kill, this one is a sure contender.

contestant number one, sadako of "the ring"

too much of block and white can cause psychosis.

jinky and manny pacquiao after going through the skin bleaching procedure with vicky belat. in short, nakakamatay. teka, di ba yun ang rumor about a patient dying on the operating table with hayden doing the procedure?

all photos courtesy of Ryan Araneta, taken during the Aegis PeopleSupport Halloween party October 31, 2009

ang tanong ko lang, ganito rin kaya kaganda ang wedding pictures?!? he he he


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