Papi Berday

my dad's a joker. i am guessing he timed his death just before his birthday. and what a way to celebrate, his birthday falls on november 1 or otherwise known to most catholics as all saints day.

not that my dad is anything close to a saint. my lola's favorite expression when dealing with papi is an exasperated "santa santisimo!".

nevertheless, dad is well loved by everyone - his siblings, nephews, nieces, kids, grandkids, apo sa tuhod, sa siko, sa buko-buko and the "unknowns". you see, i am the youngest - legally that is. so i really don't know if there's more that got some of papi's loving.

so here's a spread of some pics that i got during the celebration. if i were to sum it up, i can classify the people as follows: people i know, people i think i know and people i really don't know - there's just too many in the family.

the oldies and the goodies. cousins, siblings, uncles and aunts in one mash up pic

group picture again. i need a wide angled lens. the bodies are wide, reaallly wide.

nephews and nieces. pwede po sila endorser ng siopao. sarap kagatin.

si ano at si sino. nalito na rin ako. twins na pampkins ko.

BFF ni pops. hindi po boyfriend. Best Friend Forever - Tito Baby and Tita Jasmin.

Imported Cousins from Manila and La Carlota

Precious and Philip, pampkins ko.

Matira Matibay Gang. Tito Jhonny, Tita Neneng and Tita Pasit.

Eto rin, candidates for endorsers ng Siopao. Yung cousin ko, medyo nasisilaw ata.

da boys and da girl. guess which one is the da girl na lang. the one in stripes is my bro. he looks exactly like my dad. bald and beautiful.

eto ang winner sa siopao endorsements. maputi, matambok sarap kagatin

pampkins and cousins.

tita bulak, kids and grandkids.

kambal sa uma. este, kambal tuko. inseparable cousins.

sister in law, ate pinky. in fairness, ang pink ng cheeks. kamukha nya si rosanna roces

husband and wife tandem jodie and mark.

cousin linda and 'day jane. da combackers from the US

nazareth and... and... baby nya.

'day bong and tita azon. tita azon is mom's BFF. well, surrogate mother na namin eto. si bong ang drama: "i'm an orphan" - leche, XX years old ka na ate.

melanie, day jane, irene and si ano, basta dumikit na lang sya sa picture.

popopol and nazareth. labers in kabankalan

adopted doughters ni pops. tsaka si ano. di ko pa rin sya kilala.

ang ganda ng pic, kaya lang si frank palaging naka attention. militar kasi. ang tigas.


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