Beauty Queens

tina (not her real name) leaned towards me and said "syet, her boobs are bigger than mine!". i stopped the urge to answer her "what boobs?", tina has always been flat chested. "and legs... look at those long looooong legs". at 5'3" tina is definitely not the "long legged legs" beauty of a melanie marquez. even melanie, would have a hard time competing with the ladies that sashayed in front of us. these girls had brains, really smart brains specially during the question answer portion. i guess having a jude bacalso or a vince escario doing the hosting would have helped this ladies feel more comfortable.

and these girls have something more than what a tina or melanie can offer.

dicks. oh well,some of them used to have dicks anyways.

yup, i was watching a beauty pageant for alternatives titled Queen in Waterfront Cebu and found myself willingly paying the rather expensive ticket of Php 500. tina made me accompany her together with wendy to support their designer friends and she used her contacts to move us closer to the stage. up close, really close and the show was more spectacular and bigger than life.

tina whispered that the show was actually done to support various charity work of clothes for life as well as causes that the contestants supported. the same cause that apparently a tinga, salimbangon yeung, ponce enrile or a lhuillier supports wholeheartedly. you can say that matrons do love their gay friends. and this one was a spectacular show of love.

the national costume parade alone had enough sequins to blind the audience, i was awed by the huge headresses and i was darn sure some of them would have stiff necks by the time the show is over. the swimsuit romp should have had a road sign - warning, dangerous curves ahead. not to mention, gowns, the blood red gowns that had real ladies flushed red with envy. the cebu based designers lent their support by doing the clothes and it was a spectacular show, slightly overboard, but when you have a huge stage to fill, big is definitely better.

big enough to dwarf the annual ms. cebu contest, gargantuan enough to compete with the sinulog queen competition and massively staged that the organizers probably have the single biggest challenge for the next run - how to compete with their own creation.


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