Bloody Brawl

i had a dream last night that manny pacquiao was bloody all over. a zombie out of a b-rated filipino movie it turned out, cotto got turned into minced meat. which reminds me, me kasabihan tayo na kung ang tao kino-cotto ang cotto hindi pwedeng tinatao.

kung kaya when manny was asked why he thought he had the edge over cotto, he quickly replied "aba syempre sa hidden soldiers ano! di kaya ng kuto at kung ano pang garapata yan! and reminder to all my pans, tonayt is the nayt i make history. i am the only living legend. so let's go and celebrate christmas with ginebra san miguel an if you have hangout then relax, take alaxan and drink your magnolia milk first before sleeping."


photo courtesy of Ryan Araneta


Cacho said…
disclaimer, before you make talak that i'm just jealous of pacquiao, then the answer is YES. but, i was never a fan. though what he did was stupendous xxx
Anonymous said…
cacho, si jinky pacquiao mukhang nasobrahan sa whitening ni vicky belat.
Cacho said…
dear anonymous, di si jinky yan. si dionisia yan. he he he
Nik said…
Did he really say that? I mean the one you quoted?

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