i wanted to try a new place and judith recommended tsai in crossroads. it was a quiet sunday lunch and there wasn't much people in the restaurant (in fact, it was just the three of us). we ordered salmon and sun dried tomatoes as appetizers. judith got the molo soup while ron settled for the creamy mushroom soup. for main course, i decided to get some bangus belly that's topped with an onion glaze and served with green mango and bagoong on the side. reminded me of recipes by cafe metro.

despite her size, judith is a meat eater and devoured a whole plate of beef salpicao that looked utterly tempting. ron wasn't too happy with his peppered beef steak (it did look a bit dry and overcooked).

i am not sure i'd really recommend the place but it would be nice to sample some of that salpicao!

just in case you're wondering, tsai means tea - and the place serves gourmet tea from the classic darjeeling to the more exotic lipton, errr... gun powder tea. i probably should go back to sample their tea selection.

Cebu City, Cebu
Tel : Can't find it
Price : Around Php 300 / USD 6 / head


Anonymous said…
i love the foods i hope i can have it.
Anonymous said…
sure its delicious
Cacho said…
super fast naman comments of people ha ha ha. unfortunately, i don't know their number as it's not published in the web. :(
Anonymous said…
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