Stations of the Cross

this one's really late. i went up Good Shepherd with my boss who was in town as he wanted to experience some of the filipino cultural and religious activities during holy week. i decided to have him go through the Stations of the Cross in banawa since i haven't been up that trek. it turned out to be a fantastic photo op as the place is gorgeous with rolling hills, trees, blooming flowers and life sized sculptures depicting the stations. the only disappointment is the array of vendors littering the place that turned an otherwise sombre experience into a fiesta. i'll probably schedule a visit when it's all settled down.



Erich Jao said…
cat said…
Wow! Beautiful place and great photos! :)
Cacho said…
tenks tenks peeps! if you come down here we'll do a trip up to banawa. it's literally minutes right in the middle of the city! and i can assure you that it's going to be a lovely trip without the vendors :)

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