Tongue Twister

i've learned my lesson. i wasn't so sure how i was going to tell the waiter that i wanted Le Charcroute and my companion gave up all pretenses of trying to sound french and pointed at the dish named Boeuf Bourguignon.

if anyone was listening, they must have assumed we're cavemen who managed to murder every single food item in the menu of Le Maison. The only thing that we got right was Tomato Chowder and Wild Mushroom Soup. thank the food-gods they named it in english.

i took a particular sadistic enjoyment in asking the waiter to pronounce each and every difficult food name in the list. it got so bad he ended up with a lock jaw. totally nosebleed. it didn't help that his accent was rather uh... beri depekult to understan in the first place.

it wasn't a surprise then that the food lived up to its name. if you can't pronounce it, there's a big chance you won't be able to really eat it. the soups turned out fantastic but the main dishes was a total let down. i enjoyed my le charcroute but it's nothing more than a mass of porkchop, a slice of pork leg (pata), sausages and cooked in a tomato based sauce. it reminded me of pochero (manila style) or callos but had the strange citrusy bite of celery that's added to the stew.

on the other hand, the beef dish is a bit sour (okay, really sour) probably because of the wine they used to cook the dish. i can't fault its tenderness but it lacked the peppery, salty, heavy flavor of beef. if you've had salpicao then you probably understand that it is MY standard of how beef should be cooked if there's any sauce involved. no offense meant, but keep the wine in a glass and if you're THAT experimental then go dip your steak in the wine.

i hope judith is not reading this, she got suckered into buying shares in Le Maison but this caveman is not going back for second servings. hmmm, coincidentally, every time we go eating we end up in la tegola. oh well, i guess there's always a market for the tongue-twisting crowd.

Le Maison
Ayala Terraces, Cebu City
Tel. No. : if you really want to get indigestions then you can look it up in google.
Price : Around Php 500 / USD 10 / head


Anonymous said…
funny post! just so you won't have a hard time next time, the english transaltion of boeuf bourguignon is beef burgundy. easier to pronounce. :)

if you're able to next time you're in manila, try the one in la regalade. pretty good.
Cacho said…
ay thank you ha ha ha. should have known that it was wine based, rhymed with sauvignon :) - french food isn't really my thing, i'm more into the castillan or italian variety when it comes to european dishes. thanks for the tip, i'll definitely look for the place...

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