(dis)Comfort Food

i've written about pinoy comfort foods a number of times and adobo is a recurring theme. on a recent visit to Bigby's, i ordered the Chicken Adobo in Gata while Red ordered the Sizzling Pork Belly.

Red is "borderline" diabetic (that's what he claims) and I was afraid he crossed the border after consuming the sizzling pork belly. you see, even ants are prone to develop diabetes with the all-cloying-palate-killing sweetness of the glaze they used for the dish. on the plus side, the portions are generous and can be shared by two (midget sized adults).

in contrast, the gata (coconut cream) lent a creamy texture to my chicken adobo dish that is complemented by hints of ginger and spicy hot chili. a perfect match to hot sticky rice. then again, i've always had an affair with gata in all sorts of dishes. the only disappointment is that the chicken portions are small, shriveled, tough and a little bit burnt. I am not sure how they prepared the dish but it looked like the chicken are leftovers from a batch of fried chicken that they "de-crumbed" then re-fried before cooking it in gata.

You can add these two dishes as must-NOT when visiting Bigby's.


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