Congenital Liar

do you see the similarity? lozada aka the penguin!

if you ever watched batman, you probably know he beat the crap out of the penguin and sent him to jail. i'm not saying that mike defensor is batman, as there's an ominous aura around him that can rival a dark sith albeit packaged in a yoda-like body (uh, short?).

on the other hand, his case against lozada aka penguin is another fodder for idiotic publicity. heck, i am even writing about lozada. the (b-movie)famous lozada alleges that mike told him to drop his (kidnapping+zte = scam) song and dance number. all throughout his Sound of Music production, his horde of penguins toddle around him to rally support that's growing as thin as the hair on top of his head.

lozada's days of skipping over to st. scholastica to deliver his swan song to impressionable young (and not so young) ladies is nearing the finish line. the penguins should keep a watch over him as he just might end up with "family number three". AND if ever one of the penguins get pregnant, it is kind of inconvenient to convince the vatican it's the second coming.

do some blog hopping and you're more than likely to come up with super-fantastic-fragilistic-adjectives that describe lozada. generally, they all come to the same consensus: liar.

i am not sure who took the picture of penguin right beside a smirking picture of PGMA that seem to scream "beeeelat mo!" in a very unreal ate glow moment. lozada seeks to clear his name for the history books but he'll forever be remembered as "DA WHO?"

"da who?" is planning to run for senate as his frustration is reaching an artery busting point with the thought he could collect millions instead of hundreds of thousands of pesos and come off as the scam-sational hero of the masses. heller, there's only one chavit singson.

in a totally unrelated-off-tangent thought, melanie marquez was asked what is the secret to gabby concepcion's forever youthful look and she retorted:

isn't it obvious? look at his father! it's in the genitals!

amen to that and i am speculating that penguin's genitals also spawned his uncontrollable desire to lie.


Anonymous said…
aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! this is the freshest, funniest take on the lozada saga! lab et!
Cacho said…
ah... that was uh... fast. just posted this an hour ago. :) but thank you for the comment. I'm just letting off steam. keep on visiting. cheers!
Anonymous said…
mike defensor is just as bad. like his boss! liars!

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