Green House

one would probably think that a restaurant named green house (casa verde) would be the fave of herbivores. ironically, the biggest seller of this old-must-visit-place in cebu city is brian's ribs.

don't get grossed out, most of the dishes are named after the fave dishes of family members of the owner. brian's ribs are huge pork rib portions that are soft and glazed with a tangy (tamarind?) sweet sauce. i can only bear to have this dish every other month as i'm not really a fan of sweet viands. this dish is perfect for your me-tarzan-you-jane days, bring a club to complete the image.

in fact, my other fave dishes in this restaurant are meats of the four legged variety (except for the crusted oh-so-tender mahi that's also referred to as dolphin fish - but wait! darn, sounded like a tv shopping ad - it's not really dolphin, it just looks like one)

the other day, i picked up my best friend in the hospital and we can't decide exactly where we wanted to have lunch so i decided to drop by casa verde as it was the nearest restaurant i can think of. this time around, he skipped his usual salisbury steak and ordered the beef salpicao.

oh what a joy. a new discovery! tender beef cubes cooked to perfection and served on a sizzling plate. the soy sauce and pepper accented it's beefy flavor topped with tons of garlic. what made it different though is that they mixed in chili flakes that made it fiery. add rice to the sizzling platter and scrape every bit of the soy sauce, oil, garlic and chili to get that instant adobo rice variety. heaaa-ven.

they have two new branches, one in ayala terrace and another in IT park. not recommended really, prices have gone up because of the rent and the new joints don't have the ambiance of the old one.

Casa Verde
69 Lim Tian Teng St.
Cebu City, Cebu
Tel : (+6332) 253-6472
Price : Around Php 300 / USD 6 / head


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