Post Holy Week Rambling...

if a picture is worth a thousand words then i probably have to use 3,000,000 words to describe the 3,000 or so pictures in my library. sifting through the collection made me realize that i have so much stored memories of places, events and people. unfortunately, i don't get to see myself that often in majority of the pics. i literally have a backlog of posts that i need to put up: Taal Vista, Guadalupe, Caohagan ad infinitum.
the holy week was literally a penitence as i probably walked, hiked, huffed and puffed through 15 kilometers of urban roads, mountain trails, highways etc etc. my boss was in town for the holy week and i (foolishly) offered to show him parts of cebu that would have been otherwise missed by regular visitors. heck, most cebuanos don't even get to visit some of the places that we visited. in any case, my boss didn't count on the fact that it was the holy week - i would have felt guilty if i let him stay in the hotel thursday to sunday, totally "holy boredom".
on the flip side, the various activities actually forced me to retrace some of the religious customs that catholics follow during the season - except that my spiel is more like a trivia show while i was explaining the way of the cross to my boss as well as the other holy week customs. i think i got too carried away, he now wants to call himself Father Palta.
stay tuned in for the pictures and stories, that way i don't need to use so much words and let the pictures do the talking instead. :P


Karlota said…
okay, can't wait to see the photos of you and fr. palta.. i have a new site btw:
Cacho said…
he he he, i'll be posting a lot of peektures soon! thanks for dropping by, i'll visit your new blog! was wondering why you weren't so active recently.

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