Old Friends

erich is one of my bestest friends way back in college. and the laws of transmutation dictate that the wife should also be close to me. good thing that i am a BI for erich (that's better influence, duh). a quick coffee with my friend in seattles best in greenbelt three while i'm passing time till i have to go to the airport.

i've grown wider, erich has grown thinner, ruby never seem to change and we now talk about work and stuff. erich looks like he doesn't have a care in the world but is constantly thinking of his collectibles amounting to mega millions and ruby is still working for a biggie bank.

erich joked that our time together seem to get shorter with every visit. made me think about the rat race and the need to slow down a bit. unfortunately i am not shaider with the time space warp powers. darn.

miss you guys!


Mr. Jao said…
Maybe when get get even older, where our bodies begin to hit stoops and our fashionable accessories are canes and hearing aids, an actual reversal shall happen wherein we do have more time.

But that being so far away, I'd rather have the one hour or so to spend with you.

It was wonderful and poignant at the same time. visions of our college days will still intrude when we see one another...


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