Graying Hair

what do richard gere, fernando zobel de ayala, jaime augusto zobel de ayala II have in common? salt and pepper hair. i've always been fascinated with that particular look as it gives an air of sophistication. in the same way that dreadlocks inspire visions of "kuto" that my scalp instinctively itches when i see someone sporting that do.

i was on my way to the mall this morning to meet up with a friend and i looked up to check the rearview mirror and saw the amount of salt and pepper colored hair starting to grow out of my temples and beard. upon closer inspection, i noticed a few white hairs sticking out of my nose.

ah, that's a litte bit freakish as i didn't realize that nose hairs can turn white as well! nothing classy about that look! yuuuck. i have to run and get my clippers. for the moment, i glanced around to see if anyone is checking and i quickly pushed the white hair back up my nostrils. darn.


Erich Jao said…
Looking distinguished is amongst the many things to look forward to when a person ages.

However it is but a small recompense to what we lose, memory and vitality with some, virility and strength for other.

At least when one possesses the salt and pepper look, he can look good WHEN he forgets, can't get it up or can no longer walk far...

Call me a cynic :D

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