Indian Disaster in Sunday Legazpi Market

the absence of aromatic curry should have been a warning. i was looking at rogan josh (lamb curry) and i remembered the heavy flavors of cloves, aniseed, cumin, cinnamon and garlic tempered with the creaminess of yoghurt. despite its fiery red color, rogan josh is not necessarily "chili hot".

generally, curry is the infusion of various spices that give your tongue that tingle. the common belief is that curry is the anglicized version of the tamil word "kari" which means sauce or gravy. south asian food is characterized by the fondness for curry or sauces.

an indian stall in the sunday legazpi market served two dishes: rogan josh and palak paneer with a stack of roti (indian bread). i ordered two small portions and two roti to go and was a bit surprised to see the bill come up to Php 799. this better be good.

if you've had the flu and ate something, food generally tastes like paper mush. imagine chewing on the paper bottom of a siopao.kitty confirmed my observation when she took a bite of the rogan josh. i can tell that the dish was testing her diplomacy skils. ugh.

in addition, the palak paneer didn't have the citrusy counterpoint to the chili hot flavor of curried spinach and cottage cheese. if you've never had palak paneer, try to imagine pesto infused with green chili, cream, some tomatoes, cream and cottage cheese. this palak paneer could have been better used as the abominably green stuff that linda blair threw up in exorcist. I would have done that as well but i really didn't want to mess up my shirt.

don't get me started with the bread. paratha would have been the perfect partner to palak paneer but we had to use the chewy roti that easily doubled as fabric for my spandex gym shorts. cheeeewy.

pricey, flat tasting - that's the perfect verdict for the indian stall in the sunday legazpi market in makati.


andrea said…
too bad with that.. i'm a fan of indian food myself.
Cacho said…
hullo! Thanks for dropping by, if you have to go for indian, go to the Peninsula (Spices) - really high end, or try out Queens in Jupiter for something in the mid-range cost. Both places don't skimp on flavors! i recently tried swagat in rada, legaspi and the food was not to my liking. ugh!

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