Neytib Pud!

earlier this month i attended the national conference for my company and found myself in tagaytal taal vista hotel. the welcome lunch was a lavish affair that featured native filipino dances.

since my interest is in food, i took the opportunity to capture a couple of shots. if taste and smell can be translated into pictures, these pictures are mere visual feasts. in short, the fish fillet is dry, the pomelo seafood salad tasted like paper and the only saving grace is the spicy chicken adobo.

what amazed me though was the dance that featured indigenous tribes. one thing i noticed is that filipino dances have this tendency to place stuff on women's heads while they gracefully moved about - from baskets, to pots, to glasses filled with water etc.

one pot, two pots, a looooot of pots.

why place the baskets on their heads while they kept their arms free? it doesn't make sense does it?


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