To Do or Not To Do

If you're reading this today, Christmas time, you probably should be out and visiting part of the real world luv! (this is a pre-posted, scheduled blog entry, so am entirely excused!)

In any case, I just want to greet everyone the Merriest of Christmas. No long message, no deep meaning, no reflective thoughts. As I'm typing this piece, I am scheduled to sign a new contract tomorrow (24th December, 2008) that is a totally unexpected last minute Christmas gift from the Big J before I take my break.

In many ways, there could have been instances where this particular deal could have gone kaput except that in every moment I felt I was going to make a big mistake I had an invisible hand pushing me along. This is one instance where I appreciated Someone being pushy.

No matter what we went through this year, we are certainly blessed. We're here right? This very second is a blessing of "existence". The only man who can't achieve his dreams is a dead man. We're still alive and that itself is a precious gift.

I haven't been posting much the past few days, running around to get from one celebration to another is tough work with more celebrations scheduled till the end of year.

So if you're reading this, I'd like to believe that you enjoy my stories. But the greatest story ever told is the birth of Baby J and His promise of salvation. God Bless you and have the merriest of Christmas!



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