Running Blind

i know it's a bit looney. who normally runs at night? and a sunday at that? anyways, i headed off to IT park for a run as i missed a couple of days in the gym the previous days. i have been doing the run-walk circuit program and it's fantastic. you normally do a jog-or-run for a number of steps and you do half of that with a brisk walk. the more advanced version of course is the run-jog circuit. i started off with a 20-10 pace before doing a 50-25 and eventually i made it to a 200-50 combination.

after doing three rounds around IT park (and I mean, the WHOLE IT park) i was soaking wet and my sweat jacket is clinging to me like second skin. Grabbing a shirt from my parked car i quickly changed and crossed the road to grab dinner in Persian Palate. catch the pics in another post :)

time to reward myself with some Mediterranean-Iranian food.


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