i wanted to treat myself to a nice lunch after a night of constantly checking out the freezer. no, i wasn't having multiple midnight, pre-dawn cravings. i was thawing out the freezer that has turned into solid ice and at the risk of flooding my kitchen table, i had to set my alarm at 2am, 4am and 6am. talk about domesticated.

so there i am, still rolling around in bed at 1030am when i should be heading to church. it took me another 15 minutes thinking where i'd like to have lunch before i got the energy to pick myself up and head out the door. i wanted meat and i wanted something local. i was thinking of heading to bop bernie's for a thick slab of pork steak.

bop was closed when i got there and i spent another 3 minutes sitting in my car pondering where i can go next. around the corner is apurado's and the fried chicken and pork barbeque should be a good enough substitute. open. yes. parking. no. well, they do have parking except that half the lot is submerged in water and i have no plans of swimming for my meal.

so there i am, frustrated on my second attempt and decided to head off to IT park where there's a pretty good selection of restaurants. i have been craving for some mediterranean food and decided persian palate should be a good enough substitute. closed.

three time's a charm so i thought my absolute next choice should be open. i drove past tongs as i am not particularly craving for an eat-all-you-can feast, was mightily tempted to turn at carlito's way for some steak but wasn't really craving for beef. i pulled over at jollibee and was thinking how the palabok would look yumilicious for this blog. when the lady at the counter told me they don't have fried chicken thighs i..... i.... stormed out of the place and headed to off roads.

this is frustrating. and it's a sunday.


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