Macho Macho Man!

what is it with the pinoy's obsession with men in drag? every other christmas party i've attended feature production where some men are made up to dress like women and it almost always end up with some of them flashing the audience.

last night i attended a dinner to celebrate teacher's day and two groups performed for a competition of some sort. the first production was a spoof of mama mia and had full dance productions where the main performers are two men in drag.

having to suffer through ten minutes of unshaved arm pits and constant flashing of their underwear is potent enough to kill even a viagra powered erection. yup, the audience shrieked but not the cheers one would expect, more like EEEEEWWWW.... YAAAAAAAK... BABOOOOOY. my seat mate summed it up perfectly: this is just plain bad taste.

i was told this theme happens EVERY year. there is bound to be one production number of men in ugly drag.

this 13th i am supposed to attend the christmas party in the gym. what do you expect, they have a full production number where the male gym and boxing instructors are competing for a Ms. Gay title. Emasculating the Pinoy Macho seem to be the rage nowadays. the reigning Ms. Gay is disgruntled, he can't compete for the title (and the cash prize that goes along with it) and he has to relinquish his crown to boot.

i can assure you, it would be difficult to convince a man with titles dripping from the end of his family name to stoop down to such a humiliating experience. having a laugh is different from being laughed at.

seriously, if i wanted to watch men in drag, i'd pay for fabulously choreographed shows in bangkok where full productions are held by men dressed like women and LOOK like women. sometimes, they look BETTER than women.

bad taste indeed.


Mr. Jao said…
I don't know why they do it, but I've seen my share of them doing it. Enough to say that I learned no longer to stare at any bared flesh as I get the looks so quickly, I melt.

Good taste however has faded much into the realm of bad. There is nothing accounting for taste anymore nowadays.

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