i'm in, i'm out

02 dec 2008

to quote maritess, the super housekeeper of the super friends, “I like flash. He’s in, he’s out, he’s finished!”

I guess I was doing my flash moment when I went to dumaguete (02 december 2008) as an invited speaker for the negros oriental it expo 2008. Except that I had to catch my boat at exactly 6am, arrive in dumaguete around 1030am, whisked off to the spanking new convention building and deliver my talk on human resource challenges by 1130am with a couple of minutes to spare before getting served lunch.

Over lunch I had the chance to talk with the provincial director for the department of trade and industry who was sponsoring the expo and discussed some of the issues the academe is facing in terms of producing graduates that can meet industry demands. Let’s just say that we are in real danger of losing the jobs that’s waiting for us just because we produce computer science and information technology graduates who can’t even do a flowchart much less do a proper system analysis and design. If that sounded greek to you, then probably this will make more sense: we are producing chef’s whose idea of a gourmet meal is instant noodle soup.

Fortunately, the trip did get me some important contacts to look at developing human resource channels with academe partners. Advocacy is a thankless job, but I’d be damned if I’m going to give up spreading the word that we are in danger of losing BPO and IT opportunities just because we can’t deliver the number of manpower. it simply is not enough to speak good English, we need to make sure that we can actually produce individuals who are as adept at solving complex problems and getting the message across.

In any case, they had to shuttle me back to the port by 2pm as the boat leaves by 230pm. it shouldn’t really matter, the port’s just five minutes away from the convention center. Ah, the advantage of living anywhere OUTSIDE of Metro Manila where going to the building across yours can take hours.

By 7pm I arrived in Cebu with enough time to drop my things and drive myself to Marco Polo for Marie’s birthday. Another day for flash - I’m in, I’m out, I’m famished, I’m finished – actually knocked out, snoring when I finally hit the sack by 12 midnight.


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