The (Not So) Fast and Furious(ly waiting) Tokyo Drift.

finally. teriyaki boy in ayala center cebu is always packed with an average waiting time of about twenty minutes and an even longer waiting line of customers waiting to sample japanese fastfood. yup, this is classified as japanese fastfood. they are famous for their teriyaki chicken that is a staple in every table.

every time i get a chance to visit manila, i drop by the greenbelt outlet and order the chicken. soft luscious chicken meat, grilled to perfection, the skin cooked to a crisp and glazed with sweet teriyaki sauce. i guess they haven't perfected the technique in cebu as the skin is a bit stringy and chewy. it hardly matters as it remains my favorite.

this time around i ordered tonkatsu as i was craving for some pork meat. a word of advice, when they serve the tonkatsu, make sure to keep the lid on for a minute or so to ensure that the raw egg cooks a bit from the trapped steam coming from the japanese rice that serves as the base for the the breaded porkchop. if you're like me, ask for chili oil and kikkoman and dash a generous amount on the dish before mixing it all up.

if you're on a diet (or pretending like my friend) you can always order the agedashi tofu or tofu steak. the tofu steak has ground pork mixed with a sauce that is a bit sweet for my taste - then again, that's the standard filipino palate, sweet and salty.

if you're willing to wait for a while before having your meal then by all means, head off to teriyaki boy. (click on read.more for restaurant details and address)

Teriyaki Boy
2nd Level, The Terraces
Ayala Center, Cebu
Cebu City, Philippines


Anonymous said…
ah, i think i just got hungrier looking at the pics he he he. there's not much people visiting the outlet nowadays in Ayala Center. We cebuanos are picky over our food.

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