Juvenile Journalists

keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer.

Everyone in Cebu knows that Tommy Osmena and Gwen Garcia have a passionate loathing for one another.I suspect that they hardly know each other on a personal level but their differences stem from their polar beliefs on certain issues that impact Cebu City and the Province.

On the other hand, I am baffled by journalists who use this as a headline to introduce events where Tomas and Gwen are seen together. I half-suspect that they are eagerly waiting for that moment when Tommy loses his cool and slugs it out with Gwen. That would be really newsworthy. heck, i would pay money to get ringside tickets if that happens.

Two articles written in Cebu Daily News and Sunstar used this angle to introduce articles about Sinulog activities where the Mayor and Governor were seen together - despite the fact that when you strip down the unnecessary details, the article simply mentioned the Governor acepting an award for some performance.

Gwen summarized it well when she said that their differences are professional and nothing to do with the personal. if only we can get our journalists to write more professionally without having to cloud issues with personal and useless garbage. there are more important issues to talk about: like what gown gwen is going to wear in her dance number for sinulog. ay afraid.

the gwen and tommy show is totally totally old and no amount of botox or visit to dr. belo will get rid of that baggage.


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