Class of 54

7 in the morning, sunday is just way too early to get up. the cold shower doesn't make the prospect of attending the 54th year reunion of abellana class of '54 more interesting.

there's something about a highschool reunion that turns late sixtyish something men and women act like the same highschool students many many (and add more "many" hereafter) years ago. each year they usually have a theme for the reunion. on their 10th anniversary in '64 they called themselves "Forever Young". Their 20th year showed a shift towards friendship as they themed the '74 reunion as "Friends Forever".

fast forward to their 54th year anniversary and the group was thinking of an appropriate theme. the following were suggestions but only one really made it:

"Matira Matibay"
"Isa Isa Lang."
"The Last One Standing"
"Ikaw Na Lang Hinihintay"
"Never Ending Story"

it was interesting as how the jokes now revolve around being "kalbo" (bald), viagra and how each year they seem to be attending more and more funerals. it was funny hearing a post stroke guy who drags his feet challenge someone to a race in jest. the irony is not lost but everyone laughs.

at an age where they should be taking it easy on a rocking chair, this particular batch gets together to reminisce about their lives and share stories after highschool. it is fascinating to hear 54 years squeezed into a three minute talk. everyone listens intently because the impending reality that this may be the last time they are going to hear this story is ever present.

they never talk about death, not because they fear it, but i think that at this point they've accepted it as just another reality that comes along at a certain age. when one of them came up to talk in front, she summed it all up perfectly:

"don't think of the future because we have seen yesterday and i love today."


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