In All Its Gory!

you want to know the REAL reason why I have long hair? try to catch the movie adaptation of Todd Sweeney: Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) (Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman) and you'll understand the psychotic phobia that i have when it comes to a sharp razor grazing soft, soft skin.

i personally don't really put much value to movie reviews, but this movie lived up to its praise (it won Golden Globe Best Picture, Best Actor for Depp). Ask most people and the idea of a musical brings about the thought of the Trapp Singers, cartoons, cute little things, happily ever after and the like.

whereas the movie 300 succeeded telling a tale of violence through an antiseptic filter, sweeney todd showed singing actors drenched in ruby red blood, blood spurting and bubbling from neatly severed jugular veins.

the music and lyrics from stephen soundheim is the perfect compliment to the majestic darkness painted by tim burton of a london festering in social decay. burton tinted london a gloomy hue and color to highlight the sense of foreboding and terror. in sharp contrast, blood is painted red, a deep ruby red color that literally throbs with life.

as much as i cringe at the sinister prospect of yet another victim having his throat slit, i am transfixed listening to todd sing his song of vengeance as he carefully lathers his victim's face with cream, tip the victim's chin with his pointing finger before pressing the razor against the soft soft skin that yields to the sharpness.

david ansen (newsweek) summed it up perfectly: "you can't turn away..." in all its gory.


i don't think i can go through another screening although i thoroughly enjoyed watching this multi-sensory spectacle.


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