Dancing Queen

cebu governor gwen garcia is (in)famous for being publicity hungry, people argue that she is a master manipulator of mass media, using it to her advantage to create constant awareness of her activities. we all agree that tommy can't compete with her in this category - beauty is not one of his errr... strong points.

gwen garcia has cleverly manipulated media to trail around and catch her every movement (make that carefully "posed" pictures), concocting events such as "catch me if you can" contests that gives away prizes for picture perfect photos of the governor in her daily activities. why is it that margot can go around doing her charity work without having members of media trailing around? i guess that love-hate relationship between the media and tomas gets in the way.

the latest gwen media salvo is her preparation for sinulog 2008. i truly can not understand why it is a news item to feature gwen and her selection of gown as a sea goddess for the grand parade. a naugthy naughty friend quipped that she must be batting for a marimar dyesebel sirena look and ended up looking like a syokoy. ay afraid.

it is disconcerting enough to see her face plastered as part of the Suroy Suroy Cebu campaign with her mouth wide wide open and i still have to deal with a write up about her choice of gown. make that a two part article in cebu daily news. i suspect that on saturday i'd see another update for the completion of the gown.

society ladies just sigh with a quick frown to show their distaste, lips pursed disapprovingly. i can hear tomas mutter "apil na lang sya sa BBRC dancing inmates, mukha naman syang zombee..." ay afraid, be very afraid.


someone should advise guv that she should ease up on the botox treatment, her face showed hardly any expression despite her wide wide wide mouth expression.


Marge said…
ay ano daw yun... sa name pa lang niya showbiz na showbiz na...no wonder she likes being in the limelight! :)

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