paradise no more

a post marking the "spot"

what's 10,564 km from Canada, 2,990 km from Japan, 1,116 km from Hong Kong and 9,882 from Germany?

the famous sunset of boracay, framed by the islets near station 1

if you find exactly that spot then you're probably standing somewhere in Station 3, Boracay, an island part of Malay town in Aklan, Philippines. most people know boracay to be the pattaya or bali of the philippines. which isn't really a good thing.

ride one of these vinta's and go on a tour around the island

without bias or prejudice, boracay has the better beach that is famous for its sugary fine white sand. let me make a small correction, the beach is just a small fraction why the place is famous with tourists all over the world.

another sunset view

imagine 24 hour hedonism geared towards worshiping the sun and the bronzed bodies that parade in all state of undress. boracay is a temple devoted to sun worship and the gorgeous pagans that share the goal of merriment, food, alcohol and sex. the only thing missing is the casino.

a dying sun

if you intend to lie by the beach, listen to gently lapping waves, get a kiss from the sun and relax to the cool breath of the wind - you're 15 years too late. boracay has turned from paradise to a giant mega dance club.

muslim pearl vendor

skimboarding activities

ferris wheel, d'mall, station 2

the vendors have to secure a license to be able to sell their wares by the beach

pizza? yellowcab delivers in boracay


Where's the like button when you need one. Thanks for sharing your insights. I felt the same way about Boracay too.

I miss the late 90s Boracay. sigh!

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