Little Bits of Paradise in Tabogon

some of the local kids hamming it up by the spring

ask any cebuano about what they know of tabogon and some wouln't even be able to pinpoint it in the map. for most, it is one of many coastal towns on their way to san remigio, or daan bantayan before they get on a boat for the more popular bantayan islands.

so you probably understand why i was hesitant to go to tabogon when an officemate asked me if i wanted to spend the weekend in their town. it doesn't help that the town offers very minimal options where to stay.

at the end, my curiosity got the better of me as I've never really fully explored the northern part of the province and i thought that this would be a good opportunity to discover more of my adopted home.

i hope i can share my joy in discovering little bits of paradise called tabogon through these pictures.

the inviting Fresh Water Spring of Guiwanon

guiwanon flows into a stream that goes into the ocean, mangroves frame the sides of the stream

locals enjoying their own private dipping pool by the roots of trees that gets filled by the water coming from the spring

my own private island

you know you're in the province when you can still ride the bike in the middle of the "highway"

daddy? is that you?!? cute dog

when they said you can use the kayak in bunzie cove, i didn't realize that these are the "native" kayaks. cool!

private cove in bunzie's. pebble beach but still a gorgeous place for a swim

you can jump right outside your villa straight into the waters

the path leading to bunzie's cove private cottages / villas

a tot enjoying his ride in the middle of the national highway

the huge tree that covered a big part of the guiwanon spring, shade from the blazing sun

middle of the road, pictorial?!?!?

the view from the main deck, overlooking the cove and the gorgeous azure waters

fresh coconut (buko) - delicious in a hot hot day under the sun

infinity pool at one of the viewing peaks of bunzie's cove. i can imagine a gorgeous sunrise from this place

this is a platform that's about fifty feet above the sea level, if you're brave enough you can jump or just brave enough to pose seductively :)

clear waters in bunzie's cove

there are more things to do in tabogon like visit the marine sanctuary where you can get on a glass bottom boat and explore the magnificent corals and swim with exotic colorful fish. my only concern is that they don't have much options where to stay in the town except for a couple of resorts. if you want to discover tabogon on a budget, drop me a note as I can recommend a group that can arrange a weekend tour for you :)

nindota bai!


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