following a fishy trail in danao

an array of boats, smallest to the biggest :)

on your way up north of cebu, make sure you drop by the DANAO fish port to get super fresh catch of the day (that is, if you can be there at 4AM - 6AM) at literally a quarter of the price.

my good friends :) - now you understand why they charged us double. blame it on lea, gerry and ron who look just as foreign as me!

on the other hand, if you're on your way to any resort heading to the northern towns of the island, you can also drop by the fishport, proceed to the second level and prepare to follow a gustatory buffet and array of food featuring the fresh catch of the day. very very affordable. just make sure you wear a couple of grease streaks on your face and be ready to speak in the vernacular, otherwise the price go up for a slight "adjustment" for the tourists. for a while, the people got startled to hear a japanese looking hairy arab speak in visayan. except that i still have the dang ilonggo accent! grrrr. i knew i could have haggled an extra few pesos off my food bill.

lato, guso, seaweed, tulingan, clams, shrimp, crabs, tangigue, squid.... delish!

chili shrimps - hot and delicious!

just a sample of the many stalls that offer freshly cooked seafood. didn't realize that baboy can be caught in the oceans he he he


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