can it suck any further?!

that's it. the last straw came when they got rid of haley and left two country hicks to duke it out for the finals night in american season 10. they got it all wrong when they started with casey abrams getting eliminated early in the show and the judges using their season save to bring him back.

just when i thought they have somehow managed to correct a glitch in the system, pia toscano got the axe. a loss that caused a minor uproar as the judges were alternately angry and upset over the results. a pattern followed suit, the non-white contestants got the boot week after week and it came to a head when casey abrams was eliminated from the show.

i admit, casey is my favorite but he's not exactly american idol material though i think out of this batch, he'd have a great career in front of him. james durbin was my other bet and it looked like he was set to reach the finals with amazing performance week after week. my other bet was haley who was similar to casey in the way they raised the banner of being a performance artist more than just a singer.

when durbin got cut, i lost interest in the show though i had a premonition he was going to get the axe as he sounded TOO cocky during the performance night. a little humility (feigned nervousness perhaps?) would have served him well.

with durbin out, haley was my last bet to save the whole season from possibly voting the worst idol in the show's history.

then again, the show proved me wrong, haley got the boot despite the fact that she obviously had the better performance over karaoke-safe-fresh-faced scotty and that other girl-who-i-can't-even-remember.

i don't have the energy to dissect the reason why the american public is voting the way they do as i am neither american, nor do i understand their choice for an idol. all i can say is that they are making a bad choice indeed!


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