super friends

today i met two super villains. REPULSE and DEATH MACHINE.

One had the ability to cast an invisible forcefield that had a perimeter of 6 feet around him, no one can stand close enough and last longer than a few seconds before they are engulfed in a hallucinogenic effect that mimicked a spaced-out drugged feeling.

the other left a deadly trail of destruction, every thing he touched was stained by his mark that infects your clothes, your hair, your skin. ever stayed in a club for two minutes and have your clothes smell like smoke? i swear, my clothes still had traces of his bio stench despite the one liter can of lysol i used. at floral scented pa ang lysol. di pa rin kaya.

i had to rub, and rub, scrub and drown myself in hot water to get the scent off me. nag perla na ko pero pumuti na lang ako andun pa din ang smell.

now imagine REPULSE and DEATHMACHINE combining powers. atomic bomb effect. i have never seen so many people run off and clear a path every time the evil duo approached an area in the gym. para silang wonder twins. WONDER TWIN POWERS... ACTIVATE. i could have brought them to a dengue infested area and pwede na sila pang fumigate.

except that you would have to relocate the whole barangay as well. walang laban ang smokey mountain. sabi ko nga eh, kung si bruce banner nandun, he would have turned green. green with nausea.

meron din akong nakilala na superPAL, kasi epal sya. imagine leaving your book on a machine and heading off to chat with gym instructors, hang out by the water station then go for a couple of rounds in the boxing area? hindi naman po xerox machine, treadmill po yun. epal kapal talaga si superPAL.

ang buhay nga naman. parang komiks.


Edik said…
it is a sad fact that there are really inconsiderate people around who thinks they are on top of the world.

but still- patience is a virtue :p
Cacho said…
i have this theory, i think they can't distinguish what smells okay and what smells bad. they've probably gotten used to their own smell.

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