Foot In Mouth Disease

apparently, the foot IN mouth disease is not relegated to the trio-tagapagpayo a.k.a. press liaison officers of PNoy who has done a number of announcements that were later recanted or contradicted by PNoy himself or the other members of the circus band.

but when senior members of the church fall in the same category of categorically denying previous pronouncements, they fall dangerously close to crossing the boundaries of show business. we have thinly held tolerance for church meddling in politics but priests as showbiz chismis personalities? we can only tolerate that much.

CBCP president Bishop Nereo Odchimar is proving to be adept at doing a showbiz denial tactic when he refuted his earlier announcement that the church can possibly excommunicate PNoy for supporting the RH Bill. despite the fact that a transcription of his previous interview clearly said that it is a remote possibility for the excommunication to happen.

if that's not enough, church officials are "urging" noy to emulate his mother regarding the RH Bill issue.

if the excommunication threat doesn't work, use the mommy factor. to top this, they even mentioned the launch of a massive civil disobedience against the government over the RH Bill. so what will they do? sanction that all catholic schools have the impressionable students take to the streets and protest against the government? my guts tell me that there won't be much support for this civil disobedience call from adults. unless of course the schools threaten the parents of the students getting excommunicated, errr... expelled from school.

unfortunately, the church can't threaten PNoy with pulling out it's voters. unless PNoy decides to do a Gloria and do the cha-cha to extend his stay.

not to be outdone, one of the members of the comedy trio comprising the trio-tagapagpayo, edwin lacierda said that the president "is not a leader of catholics alone" and that "he has to be above faith". two things, not all catholics agree with the church. next, when he says PNoy has to be above faith he is implying that he can act as God who acts with impunity.

someone, please, save me from this idiotic episode.

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Anonymous said…
well said!

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