frozen delight

Mango-Graham Crackers-Almonds combo, Yogu
i've been eating so much frozen yoghurt that i probably don't need botox injections - my face is frozen. with that said, what is common among yummy yo, red mango, white hat, fruit farm, yogo boy, creamee d'lite and yogu?

froyo places that sprouted across the metro in a frenzy fad to cater to the demand for a "healthier" option to ice cream.

except that it is really not THAT healthy. but who cares? it's the illusion of eating healthy that has hundreds of people flocking to these places for their sugar fix. yes, froyo is saturated with sugar and the only difference between softserved ice cream and froyo is that it comes with agents that break down the lactose and gives it that "sour" taste.

heck, with one serving i can actually pick up a six-pack of chamyto or yakult and have the equivalent of the entire human population in one sitting. yes, all seven billion of live bacteria shirota strain that helps my digestion.

hmmm this might interest you dear reader: froyo is delivered as a powder and mixed with water before it is placed in the ice cream maker machine.

buuuuut. there's always a but. i confess, i am an addict of the froyo craze and my favorite combination is mango, graham crackers and almonds. drizzled with honey and you have the softserved version of a mango float - ahhh enjoy!


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