pink run

i've never seen so many men wear pink.

then again men would do anything for breasts, more like run for it. and that's exactly what men, women and children of all age and shape did - unite for a cause, the october pink fun run for breast cancer awareness.

it was hard waking up at four am when i got to sleep at around 11pm the previous night. more so with the thought that i was going to hit the road for a fun run. sure, i've done longer runs but that's usually done around 7pm when it is generally cooler - never mind the smoke, cebu is still tolerable even late in the day.

in fairness, the run is probably one of the "safest" i've attended - with a couple hundred doctors running as part of the event, they can collectively accomplish short of nothing but a miracle if something did happen. good thing nothing bad happened. just a lot of happy runners.

though i have to say it was probably the longest 3 kilometers run that i did. all 38 minutes of it. i jogged in place, ran backwards, ran sideways, held someone's hand, did a brisk walk-jog combo, ran ahead, came back and finally ran the remaining half with another friend doing a quick pace.

i suspected that two out of the three lady friends that joined the run was more interested in our post run activity - big breakfast. lechon sisig anyone? if looks could kill we would have fallen a thousand times. everyone glared at us. well... listening to other people's conversation is rude, never mind that we talked about food and more food. so there.


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